10 Must-Read Books for Explosive Success

There are plenty of great books out there. But most people have one incredible book that completely changed their perspective and the trajectory of their life. These luminaries share one heck of an Amazon order. 1. Nice Girls Don’t Get the Corner Office by Lois P. Frankel Concerned that my need to please and overachieve Continue Reading

How to Protect a Business Name

As an entrepreneur, my business name is my greatest asset. I have invested countless hours promoting my business. I have untold articles hoping people respond favorably when they hear the word “CorpNet.” I have traveled across the United States, away from my husband and children, promoting my business name and its products and services. Thus, Continue Reading

Small Business Technology Solutions That Offer Growth

As technology continues to reshape the way we do business, it’s easy to jump to the conclusion that powerful tools – such as artificial intelligence and the IoT – are only an asset to bigger companies. But this isn’t true. In fact, the ubiquity of connected devices is driving more opportunities for small business owners Continue Reading

3 Times Simplicity Can Ruin Your Success Plans

Simplicity seems enticing. We dread the idea of reading instruction manuals, wading through piles of paperwork and devoting hours upon hours to research. These complex, time-consuming tasks just add work to our days. We often prefer to take the simplest, most streamlined path to success. However, this route isn’t always what it’s cracked up to Continue Reading

20 Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneurs

There’s a neverending debate on whether entrepreneurs are born or made. I don’t claim to be able to make the call one way or another, but I have noticed several characteristics of successful entrepreneurs that business owners seem to share. While we’re all unique as business owners, you’ve got to admit that we share certain Continue Reading

Tony Robbins Taught Me How to Stay Hungry on the Path to Success

Motivation is a flimsy thing. It ebbs and flows, and often abandons us when we need it most. That’s why we need something better than motivation to help us achieve our biggest goals. We need something deeper, stronger and more reliable. Most people would say that something is better habits. They argue that we need Continue Reading

5 Ways to Improve Your Online Business Reputation

If you don’t have a good online business reputation, you can easily lose customers to your competitors. This is why big businesses hire consultants to help improve their reputation online. Most shoppers gauge the reputation of a company before committing to a purchase. They look at various sources such as social media and review sites Continue Reading

Why You Should Stop Overestimating Logic

We often rely heavily on logic to achieve professional success. We believe it should drive the formulation and execution of our business strategies, and we would not feel confident making any high-level decisions without using it as our guide. As helpful as logic can sometimes be, extensive scientific research now illustrates that it isn’t as Continue Reading