8 Efficient Business Practices To Start Now

The modern business must take advantage of useful tools to run at peak efficiency. Some tools improve productivity, while others remove excess downtime among employees or lower the risk of human error. If you’re looking for efficient business practices to streamline your venture, the following eight options offer excellent places to start. Efficient Business Practices Continue Reading

SUCCESS Foundation: Why the Second Step Is Just as Important

Lucky breaks happen. But not in the way you think. They are slowly grown, like a crop: planted, cultivated and ultimately harvested. Success is not a random accident. Life is not a lottery. People don’t start taking small steps toward their goals because they’re waiting for a lucky break. Perhaps you know someone who’s hoping Continue Reading

The Habits of 12 Highly Successful Women

To pursue a high level of success, you must overcome adversity in all its forms. Over the last several decades many women have poured themselves into their work to make their dreams become realities, and they’re remembered for who are they are and not just what they’ve done. They have overcome stereotypes, unfair laws and Continue Reading